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We want to create a network of partnerships that contribute to an increasingly optimised and environmentally sustainable waste management and tracking through our service and product.

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Who we are

Gabriele Cavallaro

25 years old, Buyer, I love listening and learning new things every day to enrich my cultural background and I am very determined to achieve what I set out to do. Personal motto: “cultivate what you believe in.”

Nicolas Lorenzo Zeoli

24 years old, former PLC programmer, I love to challenge myself, compare and create new ideas. I am motivated and above all I strongly believe in perseverance and that it is not true that “everything already exists in the world.” Personal motto: “Only fools who thought they would change the world really changed it.”

Ganiga Innovation is an innovative start-up located in Pisa which invented and patented a smart bin that communicates with citizens, as well as automatically separates trash and creates through Artificial Intelligence statistics and data, granting alerts and planification of an optimized path of the emptying route. By doing so, the personnel costs are reduced, as well as the required pollution for the pickup. The Artificial Intelligence allows the reduction of sub-optimized costs and improve the quality of the separate collection, which grants cashback and prizes, that can be used to recover the investment. Moreover, the information coming from the bin allows to fully understand the consumer habit, allowing to send them through Hoooly’s display very precise and personalized advertisements. The first developed products are Hoooly!App. and Hoooly! with its versions Street, Home and Shop.


make the useless useful
make the useless useful​

It’s called hoooly! the container equipped with artificial intelligence that we designed and patented.

The idea was born to simplify recycling collection and hoooly! will do it for us.  ​

Through Artificial Intelligence and the interactive map, hoooly! App will help citizens locate the bins’ places and managers alerting them when it is about to be full and it will plan the emptying route for them, optimizing time and saving useless travels.


The Idea
March 2021
Prototype and contacts
March 2022
The launch
Jun / Dec 2022
The beginning
The step
It's all or nothing

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Via Jacopo del Polta 58, Bientina (PI) 56031 

+39 327 006 7842 Nicolas 
+39 349 584 6035 Gabriele 

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