HOOOLY is an innovative Smart Bin designed to revolutionize waste management. 

Equipped with advanced artificial intelligence (AI), HOOOLY is engineered to make waste sorting more efficient and sustainable. 

There are two main variants of HOOOLY:

HOOOLY Indoor/Outdoor
designed for outdoor
or commercial use

tailored for household
and indoor use

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Both versions of HOOOLY are equipped with advanced AI technology that enables them to automatically recognize and differentiate the types of waste placed in the Smart Bin. This feature eliminates the need for manual waste separation, streamlining the process and improving overall efficiency

Thanks to the integrated AI, HOOOLY performs automatic waste differentiation, ensuring each material is disposed of in the correct Smart Bin. This contributes to improving the recycling process and reducing errors in waste management.

HOOOLY goes beyond automatic waste management. It records detailed data on waste composition, helping create personalized profiles of disposal habits and providing valuable insights to optimize sustainable behaviors

Both versions of HOOOLY promote environmental sustainability, contributing to the reduction of operational costs and CO2 emissions associated with waste management. Automatic differentiation allows for greater efficiency in recycling processes

 The HOOOLY HOME variant is designed to seamlessly integrate with smart home environments. This version not only automatically differentiates waste but also connects to home automation, offering a more integrated and advanced experience

make the useless useful​

“Hey Siri, where’s a trash can?

Once in front of the bin throwing the waste, thanks to artificial intelligence, it recognizes and differentiates the waste in the right compartment, showing the user where it was separated and why. Once full, notify the emptying officer directly by planning optimized collection routes, this allows you to save costs, pollution and time. 


make the useless useful

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Francesco Zingariello
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Michele Cesario
Business development


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